Obey By Piper Scott

Price: $2:99 Obey by [Scott, Piper]

Page Count: 163 

Category: Literature & Fiction/ LGBT

Format: Kindle

Released: June 26, 2017

Publisher: LoveLight

Reviewer: Bibliofiles13 


**** I received this Advanced Readers Copy for an honest review. ****

I really liked how this book was written. It was from a different POV for omegas that I have never seen before that I found really interesting. Most of the time Omegas are seen as weak but, in this book, Owen is a counselor and helps to empower omegas. He also happens to be one himself which is really inspiring. Obey shows the darker side of being an omega and what can happen to them or just a person in general who isn’t treated like a human being. It is impressive how much depth this book has with how many pages Piper Scott actually wrote.

Obey had some touching moments between the characters, especially between Crawford and Owen. They just have this magnetism about them. They go together like cheese and wine…whether they both would admit it at all times or not it is true. Oh and the steam scenes between them include some BDSM that will melt your clothes off and have you wanting more. Will the ending melt you heart too? Read it to find out!

I gave this book 5 stars.

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