The Book Condition/Syndrome

Do you ever just get where when you buy a book you want to keep it in the condition you got it in forever? Like if you bought it brand new you want it to stay that way so it will have fresh and crisp pages? Or that it will keep the “New book” smell? Or that you don’t like setting it anywhere that isn’t absolutely 100% clean so it won’t damage the lovely cover, even if it’s only the back? Or when you read it, you barely open the book to be careful of the spine so it won’t get one of those lines down the middle…

Do you like to keep your used books in a special place because you consider some of them more fragile than others? Don’t you love how they have that “old book” smell? With the slightly softer pages because it has been read more? Do you caress the spine of the book because you feel bad that another made multiple creases in it but you love it anyway?

I am always like this with my books. I feel like they are solid gold but in paper form. Isn’t that funny, when money buys them? I’ve always loved taking care of my books and some people think it’s an obsession, but I’d like to call it, The Book Condition/Syndrome.  I feel like all book lovers have it so I figured I’d list some symptoms, you know, just in case you have it…


  1. You want to keep the book the way you bought it
  2. You love the “book smell” and the feel of turning the pages
  3. You are protective of your books (You don’t loan them out to just anyone, if at all, because Preccciousssssss)
  4. If you do ever loan a book out you expect that they treat it with the utmost care and get ticked when they don’t  (the friendship might be unstable for awhile, if you stay friends, because really, they know better)
  5. You get a little upset when someone says it’s just a book
  6. Or when they don’t read a book you recommended you throw your hands in the air and say, “This is what I have to work with?!”
  7. You want to flip people the bird when they don’t understand why you enjoy reading and say it’s a waste of time
  8. You laugh like wickedly loud and long when someone is surprised that you read so much at a time , like they didn’t know you were a professional or something by now, come on (do they even know you?)
  9. You take a book with you everywhere you go just in case,  ya never know when you’ll have extra free time to finish that last page of your chapter
  10. You wish that I would have typed up more symptoms because you are thinking of some now  and want to see them listed here ( don’t deny it, I have it too)

Comment below if you think of any and I’ll add them to the list.