Book Suggestion Based On Yourself

Now, have you ever suggested a book based on yourself in anyway to someone?

I mean in pretty much anyway possible, meaning that the main character somehow has characteristics of you or is going through a situation like you are. Or just something completely different that a lot of people wouldn’t ever guess like the title or the plot and or climax just basically says you all over it.

I would really like to know. Now, mine has to do with someone I had feelings for but was in extreme denial because that’s where I was.

I didn’t even realize it at first until months later and the funny part was that it was a book that I let them borrow and by suggesting this book, letting them borrow it, I was making myself vulnerable. Honestly, I don’t think that he picked up on the meaning of the book title and what the character meant and was about and what I was trying to tell the guy. Another funny thing was that I only subconsciously responded with this book because he sent me a subconscious message with a book in the title and a character and I figured it out.

Funny how my subconscious figured this out, sent a message back with my specific book about my true feelings and everything months before my conscious mind found anything out. Oh and by the way I just got my damn book back from him and I read his awhile ago and returned it. So I don’t plan on ever loaning books or movies to him again or vise versa, not sure if he’s figured that out yet. I really don’t like loaning out my books.


Funny thing, how both books are first in a series, look steamy, are about love, fighting, warriors and fantasy and we hadn’t read the books the other suggested. Funny, right? What the hell is that all about?

Let me know if you have ever suggested a book that had a little of yourself in it. Thanks for reading!

Anyways, I am sure you guys want to know what secret books I was talking about above so here they are…


The book he gave me, oh and I’ll let you guys interpret the messages of both books. Let me know in the comments what you think they are.

Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 1) by [Ward, J.R.]

Oh and here is the one I sent back to him.

Heart of Stone: A Beauty and Beast Novel (Gargoyles Series Book 1) by [Warren, Christine]


8 thoughts on “Book Suggestion Based On Yourself

  1. kedawithani says:

    Oh i think he figured yours out instantly. His seemed mysterious and provocative. Let me be ypur dark lover, no one has to know…lol… from what you described in my post He definitely is stone cold…

    Ive only ever suggested books to an asshole ” Without Conscience” oh I wanted him to get the message loud and clear that he was a fucking psychopath!

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    • bibliofiles13 says:

      Hahaha you crack me up. I like how you interpreted that! I think you are right about his part and how he is dark. Honestly since I am an empath and I know things about him, the book makes a lot of sense. He is troubled, doesn’t think he is worthy. So he will be a dark lover. It is a warning I believe.

      Although I sent that book back to him in the beginning before I knew he had a girlfriend. I was actually telling him that I don’t let people in easily and so some would say I have a heart of stone. I am very guarded and fierce like a warrior. I don’t trust people so he would have to be careful. Once I love someone I am extremely protective of them, again like a warrior. Just like the one in the book I gave him.

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