What I’ve Done And What I am Up To

Okay, so I know this sounds suspicious…but since this is a book blog we know it’s about books. Anddd  drum roll please….. guess what? I’ve been naughty again! I’m pretty sure you know what that means.


That’s Right. 

I bought more books. Yes dawling… So I guess I should get to sharing them. First are the paperbacks.

These first two are from the Dollar Tree and I got them at the end of last month.  They looked really good after I rearranged the two shelves that were scary looking. I mean the poor things were haphazardly on the shelves for fuck sake. Some of the covers were all bent out of shape, it was upsetting to say the least. So here are the lovelies I picked out:



Now these are both fascinating in their own way.  The Clover House is about a family secret, something inherited, WWII, Greece and settings between past and present. Syndrome E is about a eerie 1950’s film that causes a detective to get a rare disorder after watching it and is somehow connected to the present where there has been 5 corpses unearthed at a construction site.  Both deal with past and present settings and secrets but one is a historical novel and the other is a thriller and suspense novel.

Don’t you just want to eat them up? The differences are crazy but so are the similarities. These books are such gems! I can’t believe I only paid $1 for each of  them. What a steal !!!


SO the next books are ebooks. SURPRISE, but not really. Anyway, here they are.


These are the ones I bought:

Product DetailsProduct Details








Product Details








These are the ones I got for free (some may still be free today, BUT DOUBLE CHECK BEFORE PURCHASING, I WARNED YOU) :

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct DetailsProduct DetailsProduct DetailsProduct DetailsProduct DetailsKissed (My Once and Future Love Revisited #1) by [Krae, Carla]


MY TBR List Progress or NOT So Much Progress

I am all over the place, at least I have some excuses. I have been super busy. I am doing physical therapy on my leg since I broke it awhile back. So I am getting into the swing of that. I don’t recommend anyone falling down the steps anytime soon. Since this is what and where it gets you. So… my progress with books now: 

  1. Alone With You by Amanda Adams
  2. Nerve by Jeanne Ryan
  3. The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins
  4. Solace by S.L. Scott 
  5. fangjunkie27 by Lyssa Dering
  6. Found At The Library by Christi Snow
  7. Found At The Bookstore by Christi Snow
  8. Up All Night by Amanda Adams (book 3) – Review due Oct 31st– I am at 18 % or so,  and I have to get my shit together! see next one as to why! God help me! The 18 % is further than where I was before though so you have to give me credit there
  9. Make Me Forget by Amanda Adams (book 4) – Review due Oct 15th – YOU GUYS ! I don’t understand why this one is due first! I have to hurry and finish the other one.  I am not going to read it out of order. Fuck that!! That just pisses me off.
  10. Lover Unleashed by J.R. Ward – not any further than I was before that I remember, sorry guys! Everything has just been crazy with doctor appointments
  11. Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix by J.K. Rowling – pg.85, so not much farther
  12. Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling – didn’t start it yet
  13. Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows by J.K. Rowling – didn’t start this one either, I figured why would I when I am still on The Order, ya know?
  14. The Unbecoming Of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin – pg. 176, farther than before by a chapter and a page. omg! Noah Shaw is hot shit and many other things ugh I love him  ❤ who else is reading this? what do you think of him? book boyfriend material anyone? yum
  15. Take Me by Layla Valentine – 14 % sorry it hasn’t changed, kinda forgot about this one to be honest
  16. Sext by Penny Wylder – 33 % still, sorry I just haven’t had the time really to get to reading it. What I have read of it so far is SUPER steamy though, I mean panty melting. the guy just takes control and is very dominant, very sexy, hot
  17. Lip Service by Simone Sowoud – 64 % I just haven’t picked this back up, this is a panty melter too, for realllll
  18. Quickie by Penny Wylder – 5 % I haven’t picked this up either, still on the first page I really don’t even know if I have even read the first sentence yet. I am awful!



My ARCs To Be Read In Order From Left To Right 


Product DetailsProduct DetailsRequiem (Whispers from the Past Book 0)Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details



All of these just sound amazing and I just love them! I can’t wait to read the ones that I am not currently reading! I need to hurry and read Amanda’s books since there are due dates for the reviews. The other ARCs thankfully do not have time limits for the reviews. I am just reading them in this order because this is the order I received them in. I thought it made sense to do it that way.


Thank you for reading my post!

Until next time!


Bibliofiles13Sig    ❤

2 thoughts on “What I’ve Done And What I am Up To

    • bibliofiles13 says:

      Thanks! I think I went a little crazy. I’m done with the 3rd book and need to write the review and I am almost done with the 4th book. I love The Walker Brother Series! They’re such great books, with realistic characters. 😍 I really don’t get why the deadline is the way it is but since I’m almost done… I’m not worried. 👍 Thanks for wishing me luck! 😁

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