The Miranda Sings Award


Thank you abigailsbooks32 for nominating us! Check out her blog is you haven’t already!! She does different types of posts that are pretty creative. She is very sweet and funny as well so go talk to her too! Well, get to it! 🙂

This is the first time we have been nominated for this award. We are very appreciative and thankful for being nominated. It’s always exciting to get an award.  We haven’t watched the show that she is on so we don’t know that much about Miranda sings to be fans or not. Are you guys fans? She looks like she would be funny to watch.


  • Announce your win with a post, and link the blogger who nominated you.
  • Include the featured image on your blog post.
  • Nominate 10 bloggers (or as many as you can think of) and link your awardees in the post.
  • List 7 things you love about yourself. (This can be about your appearance, your personality, your achievements, etc.)
  • Don’t use negative connotation (i.e. Don’t say things like – “I’m prettier than an average person.” or “People have told me I’m smart.” You are pretty. You are smart.)


Annatasia (Seven Things I Love About Myself):


  1. I have good/high morals and principles. I won’t change them for anyone. I am very adamant about that. I stand my ground.
  2. I am an empath, which I mentioned before but that’s alright. I love that about myself. I’m compassionate and loving, that’s part of it. It makes it to where I can help people and animals and that makes me happy.
  3. I am a creative person. It is something that I really enjoy whether it is writing or drawing,painting, sewing, knitting etc. The last thing of all these I did was write a little something. I am always coming up with something creative. It keeps things fun. I enjoy doing crafts with my mom too, whatever we come up with.
  4. How far I’ve come since my childhood, so much has happened. I have my 2 year degree and finally starting the blog with my mom.  I feel like I am growing as a person in more ways than one. I feel proud of myself.
  5. I read as much as I possible can. I just love books, hence it was a good idea for the blog. 😀 There is just a feel of accomplishment when you finish a book and I have finished plenty. rr
  6. My offbeat sense of humor. My parents and I have what others call an odd sense of humor, but I love it. I guess it goes well with my personality. It seems to have found me great friends so that’s another plus!
  7. I am very open minded and I accept others as they are. I feel like this is really important in society and many people are not like this.  I feel like this is one of my best qualities.



Tracy (Seven Things I Love About Myself):


  1. I love my freckles.
  2. My offbeat personality is something I love about myself.
  3. I am very compassionate and caring.
  4. I am a good friend to others.
  5. I am a hard worker.
  6. I’m loyal to my friends and family.
  7. I love that I read all kinds of materials besides books. Like newspapers, magazines, articles etc. I am a very diverse reader and it keeps things interesting.reading the paper.gif


We Nominate:

These people are really awesome! They’re killing it! Check out their blogs! 🙂

The Ladies At Knocked Over By A Feather

Flexi Reads

Panic At The Bookstore



Ruby Red Romance Review

Ch’kara SilverWolf

Girl With A Pen

Coffee, Cocktails, and Books.

Memories and Such


It’s okay if you don’t want to do this, this isn’t obligatory. This is for fun, so do it if you like! 

Thank you for reading our post! We hope you enjoyed it 🙂

Bibliofiles13Sig    ❤

4 thoughts on “The Miranda Sings Award

    • bibliofiles13 says:

      That is interesting that your sister is an empath. I didn’t always know I was an empath when I was younger but eventually I figured it out. It just made sense when others couldn’t do the same as me. Also I would have emotions that weren’t mine…

      Thanks! We are honored to have received it.


  1. Diana says:

    Wow, I am still new to your blog so I didn’t even know that there are two people behind this blog. Its awesome that you get to blog together and you sound so alike. I like your family already 🙂 Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • bibliofiles13 says:

      We are really close, best friends, even though she is my mom (Tracy). This blog has been a lot of fun. I post more than she does because she works a lot. So sometimes what she says gets written under my username but says Tracy says…etc .

      Thank you! We enjoy blogging together when we can. My username is bibliofiles13 , so unless I say it’s my mom talking with me then it’s just me talking at the moment. Which it is just me right now my mom is on her way to work.

      Thank you for looking at our blog and commenting! I’m glad you enjoy it! 😊😄


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