Alpha Series: Alpha Rylan By Midika Crane

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Category: Paranormal, Fiction, Adventure

Format: Kindle

Released: September 23, 2017

Publisher: Inkitt

Rating: green star rating systemgreen star rating systemgreen star rating systemgreen star rating system



What’s Your Agenda?


***I received this as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.***

I was excited about this book as soon as I was contacted by someone from Inkitt for a review. It sounded so interesting and I couldn’t wait to read it. I am glad I did because wow! Pure complicated genius!! The characters are just as complex as the plot, if not more. I mean there are Gods or Entities that the shifters worship. Things are very interwoven and there are twists around every corner. It’s really like you never know what’s going to happen next. This is the type of book that you don’t want to put down. I didn’t know that this book was in a series so I was a little confused as to what was happening sometimes. I also didn’t like some of the characters. This is why I only gave the book 4 stars. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who would enjoy this type of book. So what are you waiting for? Try reading a book with different types of God- like beings with attitudes with their own agendas. What’s not interesting about that?





Happy Halloweeeeeennn!!!! Stay Safe ! ❤


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