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THE OTHER BROTHER by Meghan Quinn is finally
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NA Romantic Comedy
Model: David Harris

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I got the call. The dreaded call every child fears. My dad wasn’t well, and the
man who had always been my everything needed me.
There was only one thing to do; pack up and head back to my hometown. I had
finally made my dream life in the city with the great job and loving boyfriend.
But was there really a choice not to go?
I found a wonderful job, a quaint house to rent, my boyfriend was working on
joining me in Binghamton, and my favorite pizza place was only miles away.
Life was good.
Until I met my neighbor.
It’s been three years since I’d seen Aaron Walters, and my God is he all kinds of
sexy gorgeous. Figures. He was supposed to be my forever, the man I grew old
with, but he had different plans. How can a man who ripped my heart apart still
trip me up? How can he make me still want him now more than ever?
I’m tempted, I’m drawn toward him, I’m completely and utterly unaware that
I’m dating his biological brother.
Now two men own my heart. The question is, which brother will I choose?



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As soon as I received The Other Brother on my kindle I was so excited I did a little happy dance in my bedroom.  I started reading it as soon as possible and was sucked into it right away. This story is very touching and heartwarming. The characters are very real and you connect with them right away, especially Aaron. Out of all of the characters I would have to say that he is my favorite. With all that went on and what he went through, I felt like if he was a person in front of me I would have hugged him. With everything I just wanted him to be happy and to be cared for.

All the characters show how strong they are and show what it’s like when things get tough in different types of situations. There were moments where I felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster. Where I had cried just as hard as the characters, I just wanted to comfort them.  Then there were moments where I was laughing so hard that my stomach hurt.

Racer and Tucker were absolutely hilarious with Aaron. They were also funny when they were around their significant other too and with Amelia around as well. Those moments were really great. The moments between Amelia and Aaron were mixed with the good and the bad, but when it was good it was special. Precious even.  Amelia’s father was such a great character too. I loved him! I loved this book and it will be one of my favorite books for a long time because it definitely pulls on your heartstrings. If you don’t read this you are missing out on so many things.


Why? Why does he have to magically appear in my life? Moving back to
Binghamton, I thought about the possibility of maybe running into him, but I
thought it unlikely, something that would never really happen.
Boy, was I wrong.
What a sick joke life is playing on me.
Aaron Walters, the boy who broke me into pieces is my neighbor.
I can’t fathom the impact I feel already.
Seeing him in hip-hugging jeans and a tight, plain shirt did a number on me. It
kept me up all night as memories of what we used to have flooded my mind.
His voice.
His stature.
The way he used to kiss my neck.
The way I felt so protected in his arms.
Too bad his arms couldn’t protect me from his devastating, heart-breaking self.
And hell, he looked good. Too good.
He’s always been tall with handsome features and a chiseled jaw, but now he’s
bulked up to the point that I could see his abs flexing under his shirt, the same
shirt that stretched over his biceps.
But it wasn’t his muscles or handsome features that once again made my heart
ache, it was those eyes. So bright, so blue, so kind, but still so sad. It reminded
me of the first day I met him, of the day he stole my heart from every other
man on the market.
Broken, unsure, yet yearning for love. It was all there, and like experiencing a
moment of déjà vu, I was transported back into a time when I felt invisible, like
I could conquer anything with him at my side.
Once again, I was wrong.


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About the Author:



Born in New York and raised in Southern California, Meghan has grown into a
sassy, peanut butter eating, blonde haired swearing, animal hoarding lady. She
is known to bust out and dance if “It’s Raining Men” starts beating through the
air and heaven forbid you get a margarita in her, protect your legs because they
may be humped.
Once she started commuting for an hour and twenty minutes every day to work
for three years, she began to have conversations play in her head, real life, deep
male voices and dainty lady coos kind of conversations. Perturbed and
confused, she decided to either see a therapist about the hot and steamy voices
running through her head or start writing them down. She decided to go with
the cheaper option and started writing… enter her first novel, Caught Looking.
Now you can find the spicy, most definitely on the border of lunacy, kind of
crazy lady residing in Colorado with the love of her life and her five, furry four
legged children, hiking a trail or hiding behind shelves at grocery stores,
wondering what kind of lube the nervous stranger will bring home to his wife.
Oh and she loves a good boob squeeze!

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Thank you for reading my post and review about The Other Brother.  Check out the links above when you get the chance! This book is well worth it and Meghan is a riot!

Until next time!



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