My Favorite and Most Disappointing Books For 2017

I decided to do a few sections besides favorite and most disappointing … so let’s get to it! 🙆😃👍🎉🎊


In no particular order…


Most Disappointing ARCs



I felt like this book really fell through somehow even though it was still a good book. I just can’t explain it, really. Hmm. Beautiful writing for what was there though.


I still really liked this, but like I said in my review I wanted more about the characters. I wanted more backstory, more depth, I feel like the book could have easily been 600 pages or more. With so many twists I needed more info about the people in the story.


Favorite ARCs


heartbreak_front (1)

This is such a beautiful story, and my favorite friends to lovers one at that! Check out my review for it ! Kenya is such a talented writer ! Ugh, I need to read more of her books, for REAL. 😍💖


I love all the twists in This! One of my favorite books of all time!  I can’t wait until the next book comes out! The author already let me read part 2 and DAMN, it’s good. I want more, I want more !!! Read it people, read It!


I really enjoyed this book and I still have to do the review in a later post, but I promise y’all will love it too. Check it out when you can! My mom just bought it and she is #TeamRebel while I am #TeamSuit.

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This is my favorite serial killer book so far! Plus it’s a lady killer! This is such a treasure, I can’t believe I was able to find. You must try it, if it’s your thing, you won’t regret it. I promise.  !!!


I adored this collection and am currently reading the next one now and only have about 100pgs left. Ugh so beautiful.


I loved these two books! With all the adventure and badassarry – it was glorious ! Plus Greek mythology,  I just am in love!

Most Disappointing Non-ARCs



Okay, so I still enjoyed this book, it was exciting… i just wished that I could have gotten more of Vee. I needed more backstory and it fell flat in that way.


Alright so I was impressed with how different this book was about vampires and everything. But… the ending was abrupt and I wanted more from the main characters. Needed more, really.


Favorite Non- ARCs



I fucking love this book. I just LOVE it. I need to write a review for it because damn. The pain. The passion. The magic. It has everything.


I really liked this and it is one of my favorite books ! It is really fascinating and reminds me of The Excorcist for some reason… 😲 😂


I absolutely adored this book , it’s so Cute! Ugh just couldn’t get enough of these two.


Well, that’s a year in books. Can you believe It?

Do you share the same opinions? Let’s talk about what your favorite or most disappointing books of 2017 are.


Till next time,  I hope you have a Happy New Year!  🎉🎊😁