Splitting His Defense by Walker Frost

Price: $0.99Splitting His Defense

Page Count: 1772

Category: LGBT & Travel

Format: Kindle

Released: December 6, 2017

Rating:   green star rating system green star rating systemgreen star rating system



Feels So Good


I feel like this book was really cute at some points and sexy at others. Cedric was trying to find himself when he went back to his hometown and he ended up finding Taylor along the way. You can tell straight away that they have chemistry, but Cedric holds back because he isn’t sure he’s gay. You know, that whole sha-bang.

So the question is will they act on that chemistry?

Will he finally settle down and fill in that hole in his heart that is always achingly present?

Even though the book was good, I feel like it was a little short and rushed. I feel like it could have been lengthened instead of being like it way. Sure it has a lot of pages, but that is because there are other excerpts for others stories at the end. So I felt a little sad that the end of the book was so abrupt.

I wanted more of these two, I wanted to see them grow together.

I wanted more depth to the story as well.

Is that too much to ask?

I don’t know.




Friends List by Rob Watson

Price: $3.99Friends List by [Watson, Rob]

Page Count: 178

Category:  Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, #SerialKiller

Format: PDF 

Released:  January 2, 2018

Rating:   green star rating system green star rating systemgreen star rating systemgreen star rating systemgreen star rating system



Murder Was The Case


*** I was given this ARC, in exchange for an honest review. ***


I knew that as soon as I read the blurb, I had to get this book from the Hidden Gems website. How could I not, when someone is killing the main character’s friends off one by one? In different, horrible gruesome ways. The whole time the killer evades the police and when they are done killing each victim… they post the pictures of that victim onto social media as that person’s profile picture. This all included seven friends called the “Magnificent 7” because of their friendship… among other things.

There were so many layers to this story that I was extremely impressed with how the story was woven with such intricate detail. The twists in here were KILLER too ! I just loved how reading Friends List was like watching a movie in fascinating horror as it all goes on with all the action. You GUYS! It was like, you never knew how the next person was going to get offed, until they did. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and I would have totally been biting my nails, if I was a nailbiter.

I was rooting for certain people not to get killed and was surprised with what happened and damn. This was one intense book. Some of the things that occured, I predicted, but others I was like, whoa now, wait now, what? HUH?! Oh dear.

No one can be trusted, okay? And nothing is as it seems. That is all I am saying at this point. For Real.