Rumors Of Marty Goode by Jeff Ryan Williams

Price: $0.99

Page Count: 82

Category:   Thriller, Liturary & Spirituality

Format: PDF 

Released:  January 2, 2018

Publisher: Moon Fortress Publishing

Rating:   green star rating system green star rating systemgreen star rating system


Rumor Has It


*** I voluntary reviewed this ARC, in exchange for an honest review. ***


I was excited about this book because it sounded sooo great! Who wouldn’t want to read about a supposed fictional character that is immortal and possibly involved with the bible? I was drawn in with that blurb right away. Then I started reading the book and was  a little confused with why all the detail on architecture.

I mean I love architecture and everything and it’s details, but whaaaa?

Why does the book start like that and go on and on like that for a bit?

Way to confuse a girl.

What the hell.

Plus while describing the architecture of the buildings surrounding the main character, the sentences are a disaster. I mean that there are fragmented sentences and/or run-on sentences like I have never seen. Things are listed and there are commas of course, but then more things are listed and more commas.

I feel like this needs to be edited more and I also feel awful for saying so because this was an interesting book.

It just needs help. 

Okay, so now the good part of the review! Woohoo! So as you go on with the story, it does get much better and more interesting. There are some twists that are thrown in too that some may be able to guess and some not.

Overall I enjoyed this and thought it was fascinating, but I was not in agreement with the main character Tom towards the end.

I feel like he was manipulated and saddened by what happened in and around his life.

So I wish that it had not ended like that.

You’ll just have to see what I mean by reading it.





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