Broken House by Tom Turner

Price: SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE **$0.99** (normally $4.99)Broken House by [Turner, Tom]

Page Count: 312

Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Format: PDF

Published: Tribeca Press (January 15, 2018)

Rating:   green star rating system green star rating system





*** I was given this ARC in exchange for an honest review. ***


After reading The Soul Reaver, I thought this was fitting as my next read and was feeling a little pleased. However, once I started reading the book that feeling changed. This book was extremely hard to continue reading. I actually DNF it and only got to page 86. What I did read of Broken House was full of duplicated sentences and grammar issues. The book would jump around a lot and was hard to keep up with which character was doing what. You had to wait for a name to drop or a description and try to guess which character that was. This got really confusing and frustrating quickly.

I mean sure, since this was about a rehab facility there were characters like that in there, but it didn’t really go into depth about that. It should have represented that better. There were patients that were mentally unstable and that part was represented well, especially with this character named Arthur. I am pretty sure he is the psychopath mentioned in the blurb, but I felt like the story was dragging BIG TIME. Like the worst I have ever seen for a book. I wanted to do anything other than read it and that is just when I knew I couldn’t finish reading it any longer. 

There were some moments where the characters were funny, but it wasn’t enough for me to continue reading the book. I can’t get past how the blurb mentions Cam’s brother Charlie, like he is going to be a huge part of the book when the only thing he had done so far in what I had read was call Cam.  It was to check up on him.

I feel like the whole blurb was misleading and I really wish this book would have been better.

I am really disappointed right now.  This was supposed to make me feel better after reading my last book, but now I feel worse. I am still sad about The Soul Reaver and irritated about this. 

If I hadn’t laughed at what some of the characters said in the beginning, mainly Avril and Rachel’s conversations and some of Arthur’s. This would have been a one star review. 

I am somewhat mind-blown how there are so many high reviews for the book. I am not sure how others got past the book going so slow and the odd character issues. 

To each their own I suppose. 


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