What Hides Within By Jason Parent

Price: $3.99What Hides Within by [Parent, Jason]

Page Count: 352

Category: Dark Humor, Literature & Fiction

Format: Kindle

Publisher:  Bloodshot Books December 15, 2017

Rating:   green star rating system green star rating systemgreen star rating systemgreen star rating systemgreen star rating system



Clive Menard is just an ordinary guy living an ordinary life. But when a talking spider crawls inside his head, things get a lot less ordinary…and people start dying.

Could an itsy-bitsy arachnid be behind the killing spree terrorizing Clive’s community? To evade a sharp detective and find a murderer among friends, Clive must shake the cobwebs loose and piece together the puzzle of his life, all without falling prey to a dark force beyond his comprehension.


Something Wicked 


*** I was given this ARC, in exchange for an honest review. ***


When I was contacted about reading What Hides Within, I was really intrigued. This is Jason’s debut book, but with a new cover. I am not sure what the first cover was like but… I personally think that this cover definitely matches the story’s creepy/horror factor. I don’t know who designed it, but that was genius.

Before I even started reading this, I wondered if it was going to be like Spiderman with an arachnid involved.

Just that this time the spider talked to the main character and crawls inside his head, then people start dropping like flies.

What could be more intriguing than that? And who or what is behind all of this? 

So, once I started reading the book, I realized that something wasn’t quite right because Clive shows his crazy side right away and I was like, wait what?! Things are not as they seem in this horror ride of an adventure, if you’d like to call it that. There are some sick and twisted themes and events in here that I can only call marvelous because I love horror and I am happy to say so.

No one and nothing can be trusted, as it should be in horror. I found myself wondering what would happen next and I was also extremely pleased about that. Plus I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard while reading something so gritty and horrifying.

It. Was. Glorious. 

Magical Even. 

I think I even spilled some tears laughing as I woke my neighbors from it, while reading into the late night hours. TOTALLY WORTH IT.  

I loved pretty much everything about this book, even though I hate spiders with a burning vengeance. Nasty little things. Cue scrunched up face. The only thing that I didn’t like was the ending

That ending though. WHYYYYYYYYYYY !!!!!!

Why you gotta do me like that Jason? 

After everything we’ve been through….. WHYYY??? 


I think I might be scarred for life.




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