Sussex Horrors: Stories of Coastal Terror and other Seaside Haunts

Price: $2.99 Sussex Horrors: Stories of Coastal Terror and other Seaside Haunts

Page Count: 156

Category: Horror & Anthologies

Format: Kindle

Publisher: Herbs House; 1 edition (January 26, 2018)

Rating:   green star rating system green star rating systemgreen star rating system



Three Sussex authors … Twelve horror stories.

Take a terrifying journey to a coastline associated with candyfloss and amusement arcades, and see it stripped to the bone.

Whether it’s seagulls that prove to be more than a nuisance, the mysterious inhabitants of a forgotten village, or a fisherman whose Easter eggs are not for consumption, the horrors are always there … and much closer than we care to admit.

Stories include:

Mark Cassell’s
– The Rebirth
– The Commission
– Demon Alcohol
– Away in a Mangler

Jonathan Broughton’s
– The Stealth of Spiders
– You Have One Message
– Furzby Holt
– The Pensioner Pirates of Marine Parade

Rayne Hall’s
– Seagulls
– Normal, Considering the Weather
– Scruples
– Double Rainbows

Please note: Some stories contain moderate blood and gore.


Am I Scaring You Tonight? 

*** I was given this anthology in exchange for an honest review. ***

I was really excited when I was contacted by Nev from Confessions Publicity about this because I already know Rayne Hall and Mark Cassell on Twitter and have talked to them and heard about their books. I couldn’t wait to start reading the book when I got my hands on it. I knew it might take me a bit to read it though since  I have a lot going on in my personal life, but I knew it’d be worth it and I was right. 

I liked some of the stories over others because I felt they stood out more. Like The Rebirth, for example. I felt like this one was really fascinating and creative and truly horrifying. No one would want to birth an egg after being kidnapped from a vine. The whole thing is just revolting and creepy. Plus that bird that was the “mama” , just cringe-worthy and pleasing for a horror story, but I wouldn’t ever want that to happen in my life. 

Demon Alcohol was another great story that was pretty horrifying. I just feel like it was a Twilight Zone episode mixed with an American Horror Story episode. So bizarre and creepy with weird fleshy beings and bloody gore. For some reason it reminded me of Lizzie Borden case as well. Something always there… I thought that the story was brilliant but made me shudder to think if it would ever happen. God, I hope not. *Shudder*

Away In A Mangler is so messed up it’s not even funny. I was rooting for Tanya the whole time. I just couldn’t believe strangeness. I knew something was off right away. The story reminded me of the movie Split. This was probably the most horrific story out of all the stories. There was a little twist too about the figurines.  ugh. Gross. 

You Have One Message and Furzby Holt were really interesting too. Made you think about what our futures could hold if we forget about the sick or if we continue to be dependent on technology. I really thought these were horrifying in a way that it is possibility of happening. It is kind of sad too and I really had deep thought and reflection after these two. 

Seagulls and Double Rainbows were pretty good too but were more horrific in as that they would be likely to happen. Seagulls attacking people and men cheating and thinking there won’t be consequences.  It is awful but it was obvious that would be the end result. The dreaded end result. 

I really enjoyed 7 of the 12 stories and would suggest this anthology to anyone who enjoys horror. I gave this 3 stars because I didn’t feel that the other stories in my taste and also because I felt at times I was pushing myself to finish the book. It is always hard for me to rate anthologies. The plus side is I enjoyed more than I disliked! 

I really enjoyed all three of these authors together and I hope they do another anthology. I think this was a great thing and they should do more of it. Hopefully next time I will get my review done quicker if my computer will corporate. 



2 thoughts on “Sussex Horrors: Stories of Coastal Terror and other Seaside Haunts

  1. Rayne Hall (@RayneHall) says:

    Thanks for reviewing our book and for sharing your views about the stories. I think the great thing about anthologies is that they contain stories for different tastes. Most readers will find some stories they like (and some they don’t like as much). Interestingly, the reviewers so far differ widely in which stories they like, which shows how tastes differ. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • bibliofiles13 says:

      You’re welcome Rayne ! I enjoyed reading your anthology. Yes I agree, that is what is so cool about them that they give a good variety. Plus it gives us readers a change of pace from reading books with one storyline. 😊 Thanks for reading my review and commenting. 😍


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