Freaky Friday (The 13th) Book Suggestion

Alright, so here are some suggested books for y’all to read.


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Thanks for checking this post out and I hope all of you have a good freaky Friday the 13th. I’m crossing my fingers for you. I hope you enjoy the books I have come up with. I am currently trying to work on reading some of them.

Thank you for your time and patience.



14 thoughts on “Freaky Friday (The 13th) Book Suggestion

    • bibliofiles13 says:

      Yeah it is Satou.
      It’s kinda like a grown up version of The Hunger Games and/or The Maze Runner mixed with a psychological thriller. It’s hard to explain. The book is about a guy’s world being totally changed because of dark matter. Wait, it’s actually like The Matrix movies as well. I would definitely recommend it.
      Dont get me wrong, it was a good book, but messed up at the same time (some dark things happened). Just be aware of that and you’ll be okay. Also weird things happened too.

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      • bibliofiles13 says:

        It is most definitely interesting and one of a kind to say the least. It kind of felt like the one main character was being messed with and was like on an episode of Supernatural too at times. Like he was being messed with the Angel Gabriel , the trickster or something, from Supernatural, poor guy.

        You’ll have to read it to see what I mean. Oh and watch Supernatural to get my reference. Hahaha

        Oh and I was referring to the books of The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner although you could say the movies give you some visual but the books are more like this book. More traumatic, better at the story , also dark matter is supposed to be a movie , I guess.

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      • Satou Johns says:

        I watch from 1 to 10 on Netflix so I was on a fanboying situation haha but then I find out that they were all too repetitive and the initial thing of “demons”/monsters was getting all over the place and the leviathans was meh XD and then the angels and all that mess… it got … boring? a bit… :/

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      • Satou Johns says:

        Don’t back out! keep going! have fun! I really liked the show I swear XD I love them too :3 sometimes it was so silly! I remember when Sam was I don’t know like high or something and was so sad because his shoe fall in the swears XD hahaha sorry I loved it dearly a long time ago XD


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