Currently Reading: A Nice Boy by Rocklyn Ryder

I am currently reading the next book in the Arranged Marriage Romance Series. This is an 11 book series. So far I seem to be liking the second book better than A Perfect Gentleman. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Here is the cover of the second book. I am 74% of the way through the book.

A Nice Boy: Arranged Marriage Romance by [Ryder, Rocklyn]



I was promised a Nice Boy, but one look at my fiance and I know better.

I’ve had a plan for myself since I was a little girl: college, career, marriage, kids. Now that I’m established in my career, I’m looking forward to the next step: Marriage. But it looks like Mr. Right didn’t get his save the date card. 

That’s why I decide to go with an arranged marriage using a modern day match maker.

Visions of white picket fences are dancing in my head on my way to meet my new fiance but when I get my first look at Josh I can’t breathe.

Oh sure, he’s hot as heck and I can’t resist giving in to every opportunity to be alone with him but marry him? I’m not so sure about that.

Josh is all bad boy; tattoos, dirty mind, and foul mouth. Hardly husband material.

Is happily ever after really possible with a man like Josh?


My last relationship ended with a wrecked house and a night in jail…I’m ready for a woman that’s crazy about me, not just crazy.

So when my boss tells me she’s gonna find me a wife, I can’t argue with the woman who’s like a mother to me. 

I know Caitlyn’s the perfect woman as soon as I set eyes on her and I love knowing she wants me just as bad as I want her. 

I won’t let anything get in the way of putting my ring on this woman’s finger and starting our life together.

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