Requiem (Whispers from the Past Book 0) By Catherine LaCroix

Price: $3.99 

Page Count: 169

Category: Classical, Medieval Dramas & Plays

Format: PDF

Published: November 10, 2016

Requiem (Whispers from the Past Book 0) by [LaCroix, Catherine]


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green star rating system
green star rating system
green star rating system
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Before Josselyn Thorn- Cyprus Reyner, Victoria d’Audrieu and Isabelle Rhodes had their own stories to tell. Requiem, the bundle of Whispers from the Past, includes Roar, Remember, React, and- as a special bonus- Raucous. Enjoy these tales as a sequel to The Whispers of Rings and let yourself share in their pain, loss, joy, and determination.

Marlena Mozgawa is the artist of all the covers and here is her website.



While reading this book I got to talk to the author at the same time. I got to know these characters through her eyes and my own. I love these characters as if I had written them myself. I adore Cyprus, he is my favorite. The Dragon that does not roar. There is a reason why he says that in the book and I love the reason why. It was a brilliant on Catherine”s part to have that in the book and to try and make him understand why some people are afraid of what they don’t know. I also think that people are afraid of things that they don’t understand so they try to stay away from them. But at the same time you don’t know what you are missing until you interact with them.

I just love Cyprus. Did I say that already? Well, I said it again. I also love how him and Victoria interacted. It was perfect. I felt everything throughout their journey together. I laughed, loved , cried, Everything. It was beautiful.

I felt the injustice and unjust of the corrupted family’s cruel business. I couldn’t believe that something like that could be going on in Jeremi’s family. I felt that same horror that Victoria did. Jeremi is not my favorite character but he’s not my least favorite either, that would be Adrian. Jeremi couldn’t stop the family business because it was too big but it doesn’t make him a bad person.

I loved the ceremony between Isabelle, Cyprus and Josselyn. It was touching and beautiful. I loved that moment! The whole idea of becoming a Ring is a beautiful thing and it works out perfectly for these three.

It was also cool that we got to read about Hildes story too. I liked that a lot. I wondered how she started her tavern. Overall, I adored this book. I was extremely attached to these characters and I got emotional when the characters did. I loved this book so much. It really is worth a read.

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