Baby and Solo by Lisabeth Posthuma (audiobook)

Baby & Solo


Joel’s new job at the video store is just what the therapist ordered. But what happens if the first true friend he’s made in years finds out about What Was Wrong With Him?

Seventeen-year-old Joel Teague has a new prescription from his therapist—a part-time job—the first step toward the elusive Normal life he’s been so desperate to live ever since The Bad Thing happened. Lucky for Joel, ROYO Video is hiring. It’s the perfect fresh start—Joel even gets a new name. Dubbed “Solo” after his favorite Star Wars character, Joel works his way up the not-so-corporate ladder without anyone suspecting What Was Wrong With Him. That is, until he befriends Nicole “Baby” Palmer, a smart-mouthed coworker with a chip on her shoulder about . . . well, everything, and the two quickly develop the kind of friendship movie montages are made of. However, when Joel’s past inevitably catches up with him, he’s forced to choose between preserving his new blank slate persona and coming clean—and either way, he risks losing the first real friend he’s ever had. Set in a pop-culture-rich 1990s, this remarkable story tackles challenging and timely themes with huge doses of wit, power, and heart.


Baby and Solo was a really good book about mental health and living in the 90's. I really enjoyed this audiobook. There are some twists to this book that I didn't see coming until it was already done.  A lot of things that happened in the book that I didn't see coming but I was interested in it nonetheless. 

I voluntarily reviewed this audiobook.

I hope you enjoyed my review!

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Alright so I am currently reading and listening to multiple books at once. It’s not because I am crazy; but because I have so many to read and listen to.

Baby & Solo


t’s been two years since Joel last experienced What Was Wrong With Him and eight years since The Bad Thing Happened. Now Joel is 17 and seemingly “normal”, with a new prescription from his therapist: a part-time job. Joel finds work at the local video store amid a motley crew of young people who each answer to a movie character name (“Scarlet” from Gone with the Wind, “Poppins” for Mary Poppins, “The Godfather”, “Hannibal” – you get the idea). It’s a fresh start, and at ROYO Video Joel (who goes by “Solo”, after Han Solo) works to keep his tabula rasa while climbing the not-so-corporate ladder. Soon he befriends rough-around-the-edges “Baby” (from Dirty Dancing, though don’t even joke about putting her in a corner), a prickly girl with terrific taste in movies.

As circumstances throw Baby and Solo together, Joel realizes that for the first time in nearly a decade, he has a chance to make a real friend – one who wouldn’t land him back in the psychiatric ward. But as Baby pushes for Joel to open up to her, he starts to wonder if their friendship can possibly survive the devastating truths from his past. Set in a pop-culture-rich 1990s, this remarkable story tackles challenging and timely themes with huge doses of wit, power, and heart.

Dead to Me: Arcane Souls World (Grave Talker Book 1) by [Annie Anderson]


Meet Darby. Coffee addict. Homicide detective. Oh, and she can see ghosts, too.

There are only three rules in Darby Adler’s life.
One: Don’t talk to the dead in front of the living.
Two: Stay off the Arcane Bureau of Investigation’s radar.
Three: Don’t forget rules one and two.

With a murderer desperate for Darby’s attention and an ABI agent in town, things are about to get mighty interesting in Haunted Peak, TN.

The Library of the Dead


When ghosts talk
She will listen

Ropa dropped out of school to become a ghostalker – and they sure do love to talk. Now she speaks to Edinburgh’s dead, carrying messages to those they left behind. A girl’s gotta earn a living, and it seems harmless enough. Until, that is, the dead whisper that someone’s bewitching children – leaving them husks, empty of joy and strength. It’s on Ropa’s patch, so she feels honor-bound to investigate. But what she learns will rock her world.

Ropa will dice with death as she calls on Zimbabwean magic and Scottish pragmatism to hunt down clues. And although underground Edinburgh hides a wealth of dark secrets, she also discovers an occult library, a magical mentor and some unexpected allies.

Yet as shadows lengthen, will the hunter become the hunted?

Five Tuesdays in Winter by [Lily King]


With Writers & Lovers and Euphoria, Lily King’s books catapulted onto bestseller and best-of-the-year lists across the country and established her as one of our most “brilliant” (New York Times Book Review), “wildly talented” (Chicago Tribune), and beloved authors in contemporary fiction. Now, for the first time ever, King collects ten of her finest short stories—half published in leading literary magazines and half brand new—opening fresh realms of discovery for avid and new readers alike.

Told in the intimate voices of unique and endearing characters of all ages, these tales explore desire and heartache, loss and discovery, moments of jolting violence and the inexorable tug toward love at all costs. A bookseller’s unspoken love for his employee rises to the surface, a neglected teenage boy finds much-needed nurturing from an unlikely pair of college students hired to housesit, a girl’s loss of innocence at the hands of her employer’s son becomes a catalyst for strength and confidence, and a proud nonagenarian rages helplessly in his granddaughter’s hospital room. Romantic, hopeful, brutally raw, and unsparingly honest, some even slipping into the surreal, these stories are, above all, about King’s enduring subject of love.

Lily King’s literary mastery, her spare and stunning prose, and her gift for creating lasting and treasured characters is on full display in this curated selection of short fiction. Five Tuesdays in Winter showcases an exhilarating new form for this extraordinarily gifted author writing at the height of her career.

I hope you enjoy reading about the books I am reading and listening to. So far I am the farthest in Baby and Solo, then The Library of the Dead , then Dead to Me, then Five Tuesdays in Winter. After these books I have plenty more of interesting books to read and listen to. You guys will love what I am listening and reading next.

Attention: Need Bloggers For Author

Hello everyone! I’ve been contacted on Facebook by an author named Sarah J. Brooks and she needs more bloggers to promote her books. Also to possibly read and review her books. So I decided to do a post on my blog to help her out. If you want to help please let me know.

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I am currently reading two books at a time right now. A paperback and a ebook on my kindle. The paperback is one of the books I got from the Marshall haul.

Cliff's Edge (Solace Island Series Book 2)

The ebook that I am reading is in a series and is the first book.

All In: (The Kings of Kroydon Hills Book 1) A Brother's Best Friend Romantic Comedy Sports Romance

I hope these two books turn out as good as they look. Let me know in the comments if you have heard of them.

Marshall Dollar Tree Haul

I found these books at the Dollar Tree in Marshall, Michigan. Each book is very different from the other. I kind of selected a variety of books and I’m happy with what I picked out.

So what are you reading ? What is on your TBR list?

Let me know in the comments.

Currently Reading and What’s Next

Currently Reading:


How cool would it be to find yourself living inside your favorite video game?
Wait. What? No.
When the monsters you battle become real, so too does the pain.
You’re going to get hungry, thirsty…and hey, just where are you going to sleep tonight?
Imagine combining very real needs in a world that you must battle monsters and villains simply to stay alive. Three strangers find themselves trapped inside a fantasy world. Each must complete a quest where they will be left with the choice of returning to their miserable lives, or stay and become a part of the magical world of Ashtelon.
But wait…it’s not so simple as that. (It never is.)
A low-level NPC decides he’s tired of the monotony of his life and will do anything to escape. Then he learns of a ring that will grant the bearer access to the real world, where he can live as a king. In order to do that, he needs to use every bit of magic at his disposal to bring the unsuspecting into his world.
Meanwhile…An elite knight, Dareyou, who everyone thought was just another player, needs the help of her newfound friends. When she refuses to aid an evil dryad, he puts a curse on her. But wait! One more thing…her subscription is nearly over. Once that happens, what will become of her? Will she cease to exist or be forever trapped in this world.
Together the friends fight to not only get Dareyou home, but to keep the evil from escaping the fantasy realm. In order to do that, they’ll need help from both outside players and NPC’s. But wait, how? Ever talk to an NPC? No? Because you can’t. Now you see the real dilemma.

What I’m Reading Next:


At the center of a small-town unsolved disappearance lies a terrible secret with consequences that will shake the halls of power in Washington

When Elizabeth Grant returns to rural Mississippi as a family favor, the nightmares about her missing childhood friend Loralie return. This time, her reluctance to accept what her instincts have told her for years–that she has some kind of psychic ability, and Loralie is dead are combined with dire warnings and indications of foul play.

But Elizabeth’s quest for answers uncovers greater evil at work that reaches to the highest levels of the government.

Michael’s Book Haul

I was at Michael’s and I saw this book and I couldn’t resist getting it. Especially after I flipped through it and seen what was inside the book. I paid $13.99 compared to $36.53 on Amazon. One of the activities in the book is to write about your life as if your life is the most important now. So pick a time in your life where your life was most important. I thought it was a really cool thing to do. Check it out !

Five Below Book Haul

So far I have done a word search and connect the dots in this book and I have loved every minute of it. This book is so much fun and I have barely done anything in it. So I hope that others will buy this too. I bought this at Five Below and it was only $5 compared to the Amazon price which is $7.99.

This book was also at Five Below for $5 compared to $12.85 on Amazon. I was pretty excited about this book because I have never seen anything like it. It is very creative book and I love it so far. It was a steal!