Burn It Down ( Made Men Book 2)

Price: $0.99

Page Count: 112

Category: Romance, Mystery & Suspense

Format: Kindle

Published: January 11, 2019


green star rating system
green star rating system
green star rating system
Burn It Down (Made Men Book 2) by [Peony, Sophia]

***** This was an ARC in exchange for an honest review. ******

When I started reading this I knew that things were going to be a little confusing since I didn’t get to read the first book before reading this one so I had to get my bearings.  First of all, there are going to be family members that no one likes, I’m just going to be real. In a book where there are mob families as thick as this, you are going to see, some types you don’t want to see and I didn’t even finish the book. 

So let me tell you why I didn’t finish the book. I didn’t think that this book would be in the thick of mob territory as it is. I have never read a book like this and I give the author props for making a book seem so much like the real thing that I didn’t care for it. I feel like I couldn’t get past that part because it is the majority of the books innards besides the romance.  

Now the romance is good too. Don’t get me wrong the romance between the couple is there and I can feel it. I liked how Leo’s love was shown even though he is in a crime family business. YOU even see the love between the family and that is nice too. 

You see the schemes going on in the background in other crime families. Aka the enemies and everything. This book is chocked full of mystery of what will they do next, who will back stack next, all of the things that are not for me. I just think that the author really loves writing these kinds of books and must research the hell out of them too because it seems pretty accurate on how crime families would be. 




I hope you liked my review on this book. Thank you for reading. 



Dragon Fever ( Masters of the Flame ,#1) by Elsa Jade

Price: $6.99 paperback

Format: Kindle 

Pages: 198

Publisher: Red Circle Ink (March 11, 2016)

Stars Given :  4

Sticks  and Stones

I thought that this was going to be a short book mainly about dragons, a casino and sex. Then at about 79% of the way through some action hit me upside the head and I was pleasantly  surprised. I originally  thought  that this book need more depth overall  but I take that back now. It just took the plot awhile to get things going. 

I am overall  very pleased with this book. Definitely  one of  a kind. 

Future Tense By Barbara Gaskell Denvil

Price:$3.99Future Tense by [Gaskell Denvil, Barbara ]

Page Count: 479

Category: Mystery, Time Travel, Thriller & Suspense

Format: PDF

Publisher: Gaskell Publishing; 1 edition(October 21, 2017)

Rating:   green star rating system green star rating system


Is life monotonous? Mercy certainly thinks so,
but coming home to her empty London flat after another miserable day at work, she finds she is being haunted by a pair of eyes.

Is she delusional, or is time the delusion?
Falling for a time traveler comes with plenty of surprises and a good deal of danger.

Tancred Nine is an adventure in himself, a man of startlingly strange ideas and beliefs mixed with humor and excitement. But he comes from a time where playing with genetics has gone horribly wrong.

Travelling through time tunnels can be a risky business,
which door should you take, which need to be avoided at all costs?

Follow Mercy as she abandons her timid and tedious life for the love of adventure and the most delusional creature of all.
Can Mercy help save the future of humanity, or will she lose herself in time?


Gotta Get Back In Time


*** I was given this ARC in exchange for an honest review. *** 

I thought that this book would be really interesting because I normally have like time travel books in the past. Plus this one has new ideas that involve altering genetics and strange creatures. Some you can see that look hideous, but some are invisible.

Although this book was so overwhelming with new ideas and information that every single page was just information dump after information dump. I felt confused and completely lost most of the time. Plus Tancred, the traveler talked in circles most of the time in his own language from the “future” which didn’t really make much sense to me or Mercy which was the girl from the past. 

So I kind of felt like I was in a boat without paddles in the middle of a body of water. It was an unpleasant feeling to say the least. I guess I was just mainly disappointed because I know that this book could have been so great if it wouldn’t have jumped all over the place so much and if things were explained more. So maybe I wouldn’t be a flailing fish? I don’t know. 

If the ideas would have been more spread out too this would have improved the book too and explained in extreme depth. We the readers cannot guess at these complicated things of your brilliant mind. At least not yet, we need some more background information, please. 

I really did enjoy the part about the dinosaurs though. I thought that part was interesting and how they went to sites to dig them up. That was fascinating and also when they went back to see them. The descriptions of them was almost like I could see them and I really enjoyed that! So that was the only time I really enjoyed the vivid details in this book where I didn’t want to put the book down.  

This just really wasn’t the type of book for me to read. Apparently, not all time travel books are for me.  





Friends List by Rob Watson

Price: $3.99Friends List by [Watson, Rob]

Page Count: 178

Category:  Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, #SerialKiller

Format: PDF 

Released:  January 2, 2018

Rating:   green star rating system green star rating systemgreen star rating systemgreen star rating systemgreen star rating system



Murder Was The Case


*** I was given this ARC, in exchange for an honest review. ***


I knew that as soon as I read the blurb, I had to get this book from the Hidden Gems website. How could I not, when someone is killing the main character’s friends off one by one? In different, horrible gruesome ways. The whole time the killer evades the police and when they are done killing each victim… they post the pictures of that victim onto social media as that person’s profile picture. This all included seven friends called the “Magnificent 7” because of their friendship… among other things.

There were so many layers to this story that I was extremely impressed with how the story was woven with such intricate detail. The twists in here were KILLER too ! I just loved how reading Friends List was like watching a movie in fascinating horror as it all goes on with all the action. You GUYS! It was like, you never knew how the next person was going to get offed, until they did. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and I would have totally been biting my nails, if I was a nailbiter.

I was rooting for certain people not to get killed and was surprised with what happened and damn. This was one intense book. Some of the things that occured, I predicted, but others I was like, whoa now, wait now, what? HUH?! Oh dear.

No one can be trusted, okay? And nothing is as it seems. That is all I am saying at this point. For Real.