Interested In Reviewing “The Rest Will Come” And Possibly More ?

Hello everyone!

So Nev Murray, is a review manager for Crystal Lake Publishing and needs some book bloggers to review and/or possible spotlight or do a interview on their blogs for this book soon and in the beginning of December. He reached out on Twitter and I found one of his tweets the other day and thought I’d help him. Here is one of his more recent tweets about the book.

He also asked if I knew of anyone that might want to do this so I tagged people on Twitter, naturally. Which is attached  to the original post I had found. I had also figured if I posted it on here then, there would be no way that I could help find more people to help him out.


It really does sound like a great book to read. I mean, who wouldn’t love a character who is possibly in love with killing? There is Dexter after all…


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